Jean Bryan

DePaul Teaching Commons—It’s a Launch!

IDD is pleased to announce the launch of the DePaul Teaching Commons, DePaul’s virtual teaching and learning center. Designed to address teaching issues at multiple levels, this website provides a single location for information about teaching at DePaul.

It is hoped this website will grow to become a collaborative space where DePaul faculty members can share their teaching practices and explore new tools and ideas. Do you notice anything missing? Do you want to contribute a sample syllabus or assignment? The site contains many links requesting faculty suggestions, resources, and comments, making it easy for instructors to contribute and fill in any gaps.

The DePaul Teaching Commons expresses the unique nature of DePaul. Collaboration among fourteen departments and committees contributed to the website’s extensive content. For examples of how similar sites have been developed at other institutions, view the sites listed below.

I think the DePaul Teaching Commons beats ‘em all, hands down!

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